Reduce the Fade

July 8, 2021 By:
Reduce the Fade

Have you ever noticed your furniture and other parts of your home fading and you’re not sure why? It’s the Sun’s UV rays.

The suns UV rays coming through your window are fading the colors of your couch, hardwood, or even countertops. Without proper protection, the sun will continue to fade the furnishings throughout your home. In fact, Ultraviolet rays (UV) are the largest contributor to the fading of your flooring and home furnishings.

This occurs because of a process known as photodegradation. The UV light breaks down the molecules in materials but ordinary glass windows only filter about 75% of the UV light. That leaves 25% of it fading your belongings.


Protect Your Furnishings

How do I protect my furnishings from fading? It’s easy, Window film. Window film offers a long-lasting solution for your home that helps provide protection 24/7 from the fading of your home furnishing. Additionally, there are many designs and styles to choose from when deciding about installing window film.

There are a number of other options like replacement windows but adding window film from Total Tinting is half the cost and benefits in more ways than one. Don’t watch your furniture fade, add glass tinting.