Why Do Commercial Buildings Need Window Film?

August 13, 2019 By:

Modern architecture dictates that a lot of commercial buildings, office and retail spaces, are glass fronted. While the glass windows are great for aesthetics, they pose a problem for the property manager in terms of energy costs, comfort of customers and clients, environmental costs, and safety and security. This is exactly why window film is perfect for commercial buildings. The installation of window film provides many benefits for the commercial buildings while retaining the aesthetics and look of the building.

Window film is a high-performance product that is designed to do more than cut down on heat. Did you know that window films block up to 99% of the solar UV rays? These UV rays are harmful to the customers and clients, prolonged UV exposure has been shown to cause skin cancer. This benefit also protects office furnishings and interiors from fading. Furthermore, window film reduces the annoying glare by 95% that plagues the computer screens in an office. It makes it easier for workers to see computer and phone screens in the which boosts productivity. Even though window film blocks up to 85% of heat coming through the window, it filters natural light which improves employee morale. An abundance of natural light has been shown to boost happiness and mood in people. As a result of its heat blocking properties, employees and clients can enjoy more stable temperatures in the office without hot spots.

Window film can provide up to 15 degrees of saved temperature in the office which translates into a lower HVAC load and energy cost savings. In fact, the ROI from energy savings from window tinting a commercial building can pay for itself in as little as three years. The office HVAC system will be used less after window tinting, the power of deflection preserves the HVAC equipment longer.

Commercial window tinting improves the safety and security of the building. Windows and doorways are the most vulnerable points of entry for break-ins, severe weather, and acts of terrorism. Window glass is extremely fragile, window tinting reinforces the glass and prevents injury from shattering and flying glass in the event of an emergency. A commercial building that has been tinted is more secure, a person can look out but cannot look in. This improves the safety of the clients and customers from unwanted stares and disturbances. The “fishbowl effect” is eliminated and privacy is preserved.

Finally, window film for the office is a great idea because it enhances the appearance of the building. Many business owners know how important presentation is to doing business. Window tinting has many styles and designs to suit any environment, the decorative window film is cheaper than etched glass. Therefore, every property manager should consider window film for improving professional presentation of the building.

Commercial window tinting is the wave of the future. It has many advantages including reduction of heat and glare, energy cost savings, customer and client satisfaction, and improved safety and privacy. The installation of window film will pay for itself in less than three years, but the benefits of this product will last for many years for the commercial building.