Total Tinting LLC Explains 3M™ Window Film

April 30, 2021 By:

I do not understand how Sun Control Window Films from 3M work.


The 3M Sun Control Window Film line is designed to limit the solar heat totals that are transmitted through the glass of the window by increasing the solar reflection and solar absorption that the window experiences. This will not necessarily equate to visible reflection.


Most dyed or colored window films work mainly through increased absorption. The color used in the film absorbs the solar energy that hits the glass, thereby limiting the heat that is transmitted into the room. This type of window film does not accomplish its goal as well as the reflective films made for reducing heat.


Reflective window films are window films that are manufactured with metals that are precision coated. This type of metallized window film is designed to enhance the reflection of solar energy by window glass. The reflective film options from 3M ranges from moderate to superb in heat gain reduction.


All Sun Control Window Films from 3M are manufactured to appear clear to the eye. The UV protection is a part of the adhesive system to enhance the window film longevity and provide UV protection to residential and office furniture and rugs.


3M Window Films are also abrasion resistant to offer long-term durability and a one of a kind appearance.

Please explain how 3M Window Film is applied to windows.


All 3M window film is applied by authorized, skilled 3M window film dealers. Nearly all of the available window films are applied to the interior facing side of the window glass.


The first step that must be followed when window film is installed is preparation of the window; putting down drop cloths where they are needed and protecting household furnishings.


Next, the glass must be cleaned using a combination of water and ammonia and razor blades for scraping the surface of the glass. Then the window film is sprayed with a solution for correct positioning, and then applied to the window. The installer will then use a professional grade squeegee to remove excess water, window film edges will then be trimmed and one final squeegee technique will be used to dry the edges.


I need to understand how long my new window film will last.


The window film options from 3M are manufactured to last for an extended number of years. The precise longevity of the film depends on the film applied, type of window glass it is applied to, which direction the window faces and the climate of the region. For most, the window film will last much longer than the length of the warranty.